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How to Avoid Last-Minute CMC Roadblocks to Approval White paper

How to Avoid Last Minute CMC Roadblocks to Approval

It’s tempting to minimize or defer CMC activities while preparing for clinical milestones. Are you making decisions that may delay — rather than accelerate — development?

Steer clear of: “We have to start over.” Read the white paper.


Choosing a Formulation and Process Approach to Oral Controlled Release

Do you want to develop an oral controlled release (OCR) product? If so, you’ll quickly realize there are a lot of questions to answer. What do you want the final dosage form to do? What formulation and process approach are you going to use? What traps and roadblocks might you encounter? Understanding the options and their ramifications is the first step toward devising a plan.


Optimizing Operations in Multiproduct Pharma Manufacturing Facilities

Today’s drug manufacturers must be agile and willing to adapt to wide-ranging and fast-changing requirements. Flexible, highly efficient manufacturing plants are in high demand. Many aspects of facility and equipment design can directly impact manufacturing performance in these complex operations. Learn more by reading this white paper.


Serialization: Optimizing, Planning and Implementation

When the Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA) was passed, it laid out requirements for manufacturers regarding transaction documentation, procedures for suspect product investigations, authorized trading partners and the use of a unique unit-level product identifier – a serial number – for each package and homogenous case of prescription drugs.

The FDA has postponed enforcement until November 2018, granting manufacturers one more year to complete implementation of a serialization program.

Are you serialization-ready? Failure to comply could result in penalties and the inability to sell your un-serialized products.